5 Pinoy Cooking Tips and Hacks for Smart Food Preparation Every Day

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Filipino cuisine doesn’t have to be confusing especially for newbies in cooking.

Yes, it boasts a fascinating blend of Western, Asian and some other unique flavors in one pot. It is composed of different dishes and cooking techniques from various region and cultures within the country as well.

But if you have these handy Pinoy cooking tips and hacks in mind, you won’t have a hard time serving the best dishes from your kitchen!

Smart Pinoy Cooking Tips and Hacks You Must Always Keep in Mind

1. Get More Acquainted with Rice

Rice is the main dish in any Filipino meal, and is deeply imbedded in the Pinoy food culture. It is not surprising since the country has wide hectares of land dedicated for rice farming. Rice is a perfect filler for the masses in the nation as well, especially those who cannot afford pricier meal options.

That’s why you must know rice on a whole new level to make it more special!

You can choose its traditional cooking process using a pot or a rice cooker. But you can also boost a simple rice by transforming it into a different dish.

Yes, you can churn out fried rice from it, as well as different porridges such as Arroz Caldo and Champorado. The popular Spanish Paella is also a good option, along with the locally developed Chicken Pastil.

All of these add tons of flavor to a regular plain rice. And some of these, especially the porridges, add volume to a meal too, which is great if you’re short with rice supply on a certain day. And of course, some of these rice dish recipes help extend the life of an already cooked rice. Thus, knowing rice even more is an essential part of this Pinoy cooking tips and hacks list.

2. Know More about Spices too

Ferdinand Magellan reached the area that is what now known as the Philippines because he’s seeking a good source of spices for Spain. And we still enjoy those spices until today.

We have onions, garlic, pepper corn, lemon grass and pandan among many other spices. Yes, they do help you achieve ideal flavors when cooking. But there are a few tips you should remember about these spices to achieve best results.

First, prefer whole spices instead of buying grounded ones. Fresh and whole spices gives better flavor to any dish. If you wish, you can simply grind them right before use.

Second, remember that there are different types for each spice, and they bring unique flavor to your food. Garlic alone has at least three types in the country, and you’ve probably stumbled upon red, yellow and white onions too.

3. Use Seasonings or Condiments Properly

Talking about seasonings would make you think of salt, pepper, vinegar and soy sauce among others. But you can’t simply add them into your dish. You must always be careful to avoid getting unpleasant results.

Put them little by little while tasting the food along. This will help you get the best flavor from them.

Also, do not become too dependent on salt for fixing undesirable taste in the food you’re cooking. This is, in fact, one of the most important Pinoy cooking tips and hacks that many Filipino miss. For example, you’ve mixed in too much vinegar or lemon juice into the pot. Instead of pinching some salt, consider adding a very small amount of baking soda to neutralize the taste.

4. Slow Cooking is a Virtue

Yes, we are on a fast pacing world today. But chasing on the rat race while cooking would make you miss the best from your kitchen.

That’s because slow cooking is one of the best techniques which brings out a lot of flavor from different dishes.

Say, you’re cooking beef caldereta. Cooking it slow for an extended period helps in making the meat become softer. It helps the flavors completely blend together too.

You may even resort to using different cooking techniques for a single dish. For example, it is suggested to sear the meat before using it in adobo, afritada, caldereta or some other recipe.  This is to help in making the meat more flavorful, and make it appear more appealing because of its brownish color.

5. Know Many Other Dishes All Over the Country

Lastly, you must seek to explore other dishes that other regions in the Philippines offer. Remember that each regions has its own culture, so it’s not surprising to find unique dishes too.

Pork Humba by foodietarsiidae

There are even seemingly similar food that have different properties. For example, there is a variation of Adobo in Mindanao that is called “Humba”. It is also pork meat recipe with vinegar and soy sauce, but it’s has more sauce than Adobo. Some Humba variation also focuses on pork fats instead of its lean meat.

Knowing these variations adds more dishes in your personal recipe book. This translates to more food variations that you can prepare for your loved ones too.

Jot Down these Pinoy Cooking Tips and Hacks for Your Next Kitchen Use!

There. These are the simple Pinoy cooking tips and hacks you must bring each time you hit the kitchen. Serve the best and most mouthwatering dishes for you, your family and your friends today.


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