Sinigang: The Story of a Traditional Dish

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We know why you are here, maybe you are looking for something to cook or you are just curious about this ‘Sinigang” whom you have been eating for a long time now. Today, we want to bring you the limelight of Sinigang Dish. Be knowledgeable enough of this dish so you can also cook this food at the comfort of your homes and even share it with your loved ones. 

What is Sinigang?

Sinigang is a dish originated in the Philippines. Typically, it is composed of fish, meat, vegetables, tomatoes and tamarind flavoring. The reason why it is called “sinigang” is that it was a translation to the English word, “stew” which is true because of its method of cooking. 

One thing that makes this dish exceptionally delicious is it’s soury flavor which makes every Filipino crave for more of this since it has been introduced with a twist and packed with various ingredients that you will surely love. 

Sinigang is often assumed as the National food of the Philippines because it is being cooked mostly during a normal day but it can also be cooked during occasions such as baptism, birthdays, anniversaries, or anything you would be willing to celebrate. It is also often being cooked as a welcome meal to all visitors. 

The authenticity of the food is extremely popular because it has been made over the course of time. Even when a series of ingredients are made, the taste and flavor hasn’t changed and it remains super delicious. In fact, there are various Filipino cooking contests who have made Sinigang as a winning dish because of its several twists and its savory flavor. 

The Philippine Star, one of the most leading news platforms in the Philippines acknowledged Sinigang as the most delicious dish because it shows the Filipino essence and  “bountiful kitchen-centered-culture” that causes it to be popular among the country since write ups, videos, images and other visible contents have been popping out all over the internet. 

Because of the convenient way of cooking Sinigang, it became an extremely common dish among Filipinos. Another reason is that the said dish has been on the top 10 delicious dishes ever since. Surely, Filipinos can’t get enough of this dish and with that people have come up with different twists to make Sinigang more intriguing.

Different Sinigang Versions that you will surely love:

1. Sinigang na Baboy

Sinigang na Baboy by cuban_heart_pinay

There is something in this Filipino dish that makes Filipinos cook it all over again. Pork Sinigang is rated to be the most common cooked dish in the Philippines because of its easy and convenient methods of cooking. You will probably like the dish during the cold season. Sipping the soup broth will definitely give you comfort. Pork Sinigang is composed of pork belly, okra, daikon radish, snake beans, ong choy, tomatoes, long green chili peppers, onions and many more. You can put your favorite vegetables for a more healthier eating. This only takes 20 to 30 minutes to be cooked.

2. Sinigang na Baka

Sinigang na Baka by foodstoryofmylife

Try these refreshing soups especially this cold season where you have to sip some broth. This would actually make you feel better and even make you crave for more. It is almost the same procedure with Pork Sinigang but you might want to try beef as a main ingredient. You can also add vegetables and other seasonings if you wish to. 

3. Sinigang na Gulay

Sinigang na Gulay by little_nano_cravings

If you are a vegan or definitely love vegetables then “Sinigang na Gulay” is perfect for you. Since we are young, our parents always tell us to eat vegetables and sometimes we tend to neglect it because it tastes better than vegetables. However, with Sinigang na gulay packed with vegetables and tamarind flavor, you will surely love it. It’s sour soup will make you eat more and for sure, you will definitely be healthy while enjoying the food.

4. Pork Ribs Sinigang

Pork Ribs Sinigang by sarah_jinky_31

It is common for us to get curious if we see something which is not familiar to us. Although we Filipinos love food and even upon seeing an unfamiliar dish, we always tend to question what it is. It’s not about not trusting the dish, it’s about curiosity. Just like Sinigang na May Pork Ribs, this is not common to everyone yet it is seemingly delicious. Cooking the watermelon mixes its flavors to the soup and to every ingredient on the dish which makes it even more appealing and perfect for soup lovers. Same procedure on how to cook sinigang is being applied and it only takes half an hour to prepare this so try it now!

5. Sinigang na Bagnet

Sinigang na Bagnet by kandlcafe

Another way to put a twist on your Filipino Dish and tamarind soup is to add Bagnet. Sinigang na Bagnet is filled with deep fried pork belly which will surely add crisp to the dish. Probably the best dish originated in Ilocos, part of the Philippines. According to most Filipino citizens, it is very easy and costly to cook and it would be definitely perfect or cold and rainy season.

6. Sinigang na Lechon with Strawberry

Strawberry Sinigang by cristaktoys

If you love eating strawberries then we suggest that you add a twist and make it as your side as soon as possible. Try Sinigang na Lechon with Strawberry for it is packed with pork, tamarind flavor and other vegetable ingredients which you will surely have your tummy ask for more. If you are looking for ways to taste this then we suggest that you try cooking this at home or go to a restaurant which serves this kind of dish and satisfy your cravings right away.

7. Sinigang na Bangus

Sinigang na Bangus by mommy.issa325

Shoutout to those Fish Lovers there! How would you feel about having a fish swimming in a sour soup? Bet you are already having your mouth watery with that. Sinigang na Bangus is a fresh fish soup accompanied with vegetables, flavors and seasonings. However, it is important to not overcook all the ingredients to retain the texture and mixture. If you are still a beginner in cooking, we suggest trying this dish a starter dish because it is very easy and convenient to prepare.

Reason to Cook Siningang: 

Aside from having a convenient way of cooking, it is always important to incorporate it to our Filipino life because it is like you are embracing who you really are. Sinigang is also a great practice if you really are into cooking. 

Plus, your family and friends will surely love Sinigang because it is packed with flavors that will surely embark a memorable taste in them. Sourness is very popular to Filipinos because we all love challenges but with Sinigang, you don’t need to challenge your sourness capacity, all you need to do is to enjoy the food with a twist filled with several ingredients that you will surely love! 


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