Adobong Mani

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Adobong mani is best paired with a tall glass of Coke with lots of ice. Yum! One of the favourite snacks of Pinoy’s is this deep-fried peanut aka adobong mani. Why it’s called adobo, with nary a sight of vinegar nor soy sauce, we do not know. We just go with the flow or rather the flavour and do not attempt to explain things away. So if you’re looking for a twist with you snacks while watching netflix or a movie, try this recipe below!

Adobong Mani Recipe


  • dried red-skinned peanuts
  • garlic cloves – smashed skin-on
  • cooking oil
  • fine salt

Cooking Instructions:

  1. Pour some cooking oil into a saucepan to reach at least 1/2-inch up the side. Heat until it reaches 180°C/350°F in temperature (or if a grain of rice dropped in it pops right back up and starts cooking; or if you stick the end of a wooden spoon or chopstick in it and it starts to bubble up around the wood then it is ready).
  2. Deep fry the garlic and peanuts in batches making sure that the peanuts are submerged in oil. Cook for 3 – 4 minutes for peanuts with small kernels and 4 – 5 minutes for big kernels. Alternatively, fry until the whole garlic (not just the edges) turns golden brown and crispy.
  3. Set a metal sieve or strainer on a deep bowl big enough to fit all the oil in your saucepan. Once the peanuts are cooked, carefully pour the whole lot in the strainer making sure that the bowl will catch the hot oil. Drain and transfer to a serving bowl. Add fine salt to taste.
  4. Pour back the oil in the saucepan, re-heat to 180°C, and repeat for the next batch.
Adobong Mani by food_is_happiness_by_chrissie

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